Your Furniture is trying to tell you something.

Do you hear the call to make a change to your home furnishings? Imagine what your furniture could look like with a little help!

I'm Becky, and I am your Furniture Fairy Godmother!

I'm here to help!

You probably have more good furniture than you think. It just needs a makeover. Those beautiful pieces you inherited, that find at the antique store, that table with the scar – all of these can make your home beautiful. They just need some love. Before you give away your old chair or bring it to the landfill, see what’s possible first. You could end up with a beautiful, unique piece of furniture that makes your room. 

There is no such thing as a lost cause.

I can work with you to make your furniture dreams a reality! See that dining table? It was headed to the junkyard, but I wasn't about to let that happen. The Thanks + Giving table went home just before Christmas in 2019.

Choosing Colors

Did you know there’s an art to choosing colors? Are you stressing it? Not only do some paint stores give bigger swatches away, but I can even paint a small element before you decide about your new forever color. I also have 15 years of design and engineering background to advise you on your choice. We will have fun with this! It will fit perfectly with your other elements.

Your Furniture, Refinished

It's time to love your furniture (again)!

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